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So Excited to have Inspiring Beauty LLC (follow them on twitter/Instagram @InspiringBeaut1) tomorrow at our 1st Flawesome Academy Workshop 2 - 4pm at Dogtown. Positive, beautiful, and of course inspired to make people look & feel incredibly Flawesome. #RVA #supportmydolls registration is closing soon. Tonight was seriously casual for me. I enjoyed riding out with Chinhayi this evening. Barack Obama mom jeans and all. To all the beautiful, powerful, resourceful, & definitely #Flawesome women out there who may be having a "moment"... remember you got this. Don't Let 'Em See You Sweat! By @nitalucky7 "Love it😉" via @PhotoRepost_app #Flawesome Moment: Our friend Emily facilitated a workshop during Camp Diva's Residential Camp. During an activity session, she asked the girl's to write on mirrors the words that described them. Many of the girls wrote #Flawesome on their mirrors. Like any proud mommy, I cried. Its important that these young ladies learn that any flaws, imperfections, or blemishes you have (internally or external), you are still amazing & awesome... Because God Don't Make No Junk! ♡ Yaaasssss! August 17th our first Flawesome Academy Workshop. All ages encouraged to register. Come ready to interact & have some fun. Dogtown Dance Theater 2pm to 4pm.
#RVA #events #motivation #beauty #style #inspiration #Flawesome #confidence #tutorials #howto #thrift #Selfesteem #business #gaptoothdiva  #motherhood #girls #bff #sisters #women The Hornes Family on this Sunday Afternoon. 
#blessed Dash brought a fearlessness to our lives when he came into this world. He doesn't consider himself tiny, he's got so much heart & attitude. He's so awesome! #happybirthday


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