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  • Interview with Vincent E. White Author of Finding Chris, My Father
  • Flawesome Academy first event held at Dogtown dance theater in RVA
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  • GaptoothDiva at the Camp Diva 12th Annual Girls Are Talking Conference
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  • I'esha GaptoothDiva and her Assistant Chinhayi Brooks at Glam R Us event
  • Interview with Emily Yeatts of Planned Parenthood
  • I'esha GaptoothDiva
  • How to Tell You’re Desperate for Friends and How to Fix It, advice, relationships
  • #flawesomestyle featuring Joi HonnieBee Taylor Ombre Blue Natural Hair Curls Prom Color
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  • GaptoothDiva Blonde Hair Doesn't Mean I Wanna Be White Video
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  • GaptoothDiva Music Review – Garnett Bolden “When You’re In Love”
  • I'esha GaptoothDiva Does a Spring Prom Makeover 2014
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  • I'esha GaptoothDiva discusses Karyn Washington and suicide
  • Author I'esha GaptoothDiva's FlawesomeBook Launch
  • What is Flawesome - Flawesome series
  • I'esha GaptoothDiva interview Melody Short and Adrienne Cole of Artisan Cafe about being Mothers and Business women
  • I'esha GaptoothDiva Reviews Lavish Curves Boutique and their dresses are wack
  • Gaptoothdiva discusses Shade101 No Children do not take jabs at families and children
  • I'esha GaptoothDiva discuss PSA Think Before You Act by Erika Kayne
  • GaptoothDiva discusses what to do for Spring

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Happy First Day of First Grade to A'veri Hornes! ♡ Stop worrying about who doesn't like you & show appreciation to those people who do. In a world, with fake people & wannabes, it's refreshing to know someone who is genuine no matter what. Be yourself & be genuine. Anyone with an issue with it, just tell 'em: "Love me or leave me alone! " xoxoxo - Diva Last night at #Motivate! Pic and custom skirt by The Bottom Half Designer Latasha James (@latashasjames) This was so dope!
#stylist #style #fashion #RVA #designer #gaptoothdiva #thebottomhalf #psblogger #plussize #custommade #fall #2014 It's not easy. No one ever said it would be. The point isn't to make it less uncomfortable, less complicated, & more suitable to what you can handle. Favor ain't fair! So when people talk about you negatively, when doors close, when your health & sanity become challenged... press on. By all means vent to those you can trust, pray until your knees hurt & cry until you're dehydrated, but don't quit. Those that shy away from the obstacles of life either end up quitting with regret to only grow into haters or they live mediocre lives. Either way your potential isn't based what happens to you, but what you're willing to persevere. And don't ever be ashamed! None of my heroes lived perfectly. Our heroes were cheated, beated, abused, & often misunderstood. Don't be afraid to show your scars if you're able to keep someone else from making the same mistakes. #Flawesome By @jamalhbryant "Preach often....use as few words as possible!" If you missed the Flawesome Academy Workshop, it was incredible. I'm so excited about the next installment. Details coming soon. A special thank you to everyone involved. Review on my website. Check out xoxoxo
#Flawesome #Selfesteem #confidence #positive #RVA #events #motivation #inspiration #gaptoothdiva So Excited to have Inspiring Beauty LLC (follow them on twitter/Instagram @InspiringBeaut1) tomorrow at our 1st Flawesome Academy Workshop 2 - 4pm at Dogtown. Positive, beautiful, and of course inspired to make people look & feel incredibly Flawesome. #RVA #supportmydolls registration is closing soon. Tonight was seriously casual for me. I enjoyed riding out with Chinhayi this evening. Barack Obama mom jeans and all.


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