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VA Female Rapper Feels Disrespected by GaptoothDiva in Interview – Exclusive Motivation

Gaptoothdiva DGAF

Gaptoothdiva DGAFI told you repeatedly, I’ve always held back on saying some real shit to people on my show. However, I also told you those days are over. I understand that circumstances come around that make it hard for you to truly flourish in your career. I have a three year old, so nobody knows more than I how life and your dreams, just don’t mix all the time. However, sometimes people come on our show with half ass marketing tactics, not fully passionate about their work, or just plain pre-occupied with other shit. I know I’m not Oprah, I’m not Wendy Williams, but at the end of the day…. Respect my show.

I provide a genuine opportunity for artist, entrepreneurs, and writers (shit… anybody!) to come on the air and talk about their experiences, discuss their ambitions, and promote their craft. Plain and simple. How you use your 45 minutes is up to you. However, when I get emails like this, from unappreciative people who feel like I didn’t make them look good enough, I’m forced to take some folks to school. This is not a negative bash against anyone; people just need to understand – No one will see your vision if you make up a million excuses of why and how you can’t show them.

Listen to the following interview and tell me what you think

(please excuse the noise in the background. The audio was distorted because the guest made me so mad, I kept snatching the microphone and throwing it back. See, how I admit to my shit.):

*Now here is the email (completely unedited): 

From: ————————

Date: Aug 12, 2011 6:40 AM

Subject: Thank You

To: > 

Hello and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be on your show. A few problems that occured last night, first of all that whole networking thing: Ive networked with Doe thepaperboy Thurman, I tried with MsProper, its alot of people that Ive reached out to and we all have the same circle of friends, its just that its hard to do things with each other when everyone has that “diva, im the shit” attitude. Doe and I have talked, we still talk so I dont really understand why the interview had to turn into that period. I have done this year alone 5 internet radio shows and I have more love out of state then in VA period, and I have never been more embarrassed for an internet radio shows host to ever treat me like that period, that was one of the worst internet shows I have ever done and including on my behalf bc I was so tired. alot of emcees feel the same way. Im in Petersburg period, Im not from Petersburg at all, at all Im from Chesterfield 2nd of all. You all were supposed to be interviewing but your other half I felt like was too busy trying to be funny and thought I was high, and I dont even smoke. I work 16 hr days, I also ghostwrite for a lot of emcees, another thing you all didnt ask me about. My lifes experiences, I was homeless for a long time, Ive battled drug addictions (not crack) I have a testimony. Just because you hold alot of mixers that dont nobody ever know about does not mean people can always attend. For the record I was not going to do your show bc Ms. diva did not try to network with me I’va tried countless times, and yes I have. I work with so many Producers, and Emcees out of state its ridiculous, and thats another reason why people dont make it in VA bc the radio shows barely show love. Nobody gets heard in VA period. Ms Propers leaving to move to NY, Im moving to NY in November why? bc my non networking ass has ANOTHER meeting with the CEO of Def Jam, which you all never let me get too. Why would I want to network in VA when emcees in VA havent even got out of VA? So the next time you want to clown someone or have an interview with someone be more professional. No love lost, but at the sametime its not all about networking in VA with every local unsigned artist. Im humble with everything and God fearing…proper etiquette wouldve been nice, your not Wendy Williams, Perez Hilton, Angie Martinez, Rocsi, Terrence, Spider from Nevada, not even my dude that had me feat on the where you from DVD, was also feat on that and the mixtape. LMAO who else networks in VA…those other emcees dont….Im not hopeful on being local, im hopeful on being global….blessed D’andre thank you again bc I liked your portion…I really felt disrespected honestly. See me soon!!! 

Ok, now ask anyone who has been on my show or has heard my show, asking about your life and your experiences is a automatic thing for us. If you listen to the interview, this chick said she baby-sits kids and braids hair. What other info do we need? She said she had some obstacles to overcome in this email, but where was that info during the actual call?

You only get one first impression with our listeners. You only get one! Like with any other media outlet around, if you drop the ball – that’s it. So if you are tired, not feeling up to par or otherwise distracted – you shouldn’t book interviews until you get your shit together. Nevertheless, communicate that to someone before we go live.

Second, it’s sad that you have to disrespect the same city that you reside in. If you don’t appreciate your folks at home and believe you get more love somewhere else, that’s cool. Just don’t push your projects at home. Why ask to be on a show in your home state, just to fumble and break bad. I interviewed this chick’s cousin last year and he did great. So great in fact, not only did I work with him again, he asked me to host an event for him that also panned out successfully.

When people mess up and don’t take accountability for their actions, they want to lash out on you. Yes, I know I’m not Wendy Williams, Rocsi, and all those other people you named. You sent your bio and music to the lame ass GaptoothDiva Radio Show. I was honest and real with you. You had a chance to get your story heard and you opted to be sleepy, while your music isn’t being played anywhere but on your Reverbnation page. How many of those people you named, playing your music on their show/site? I’ll wait….

In the future, when a Media Rep asks for your bio, try to provide all the information you think we should touch on during your interview. How would I know that you’re from Chesterfield, when you put you’re from Petersburg on your bio? I didn’t pull that one out my ass like the names of local artist doing more than you do that you needed to mention in your correspondence.

I’m always out. I’m always connecting to new people. Networking with me isn’t hard at all. Ask the countless people who do. When a chick follows me on Facebook, then that’s it. That’s not networking! Especially, if you don’t know how to use Facebook properly. You may not be able to go to events, many people can’t. However, you can schedule meetings, you can pick up the phone, you can send an email, you can send a direct message, and you can send a freaking messenger pigeon. If you want to talk to someone, you’ll do it – no excuses.

Overall, I’m not mad at you. I want to help you and other artist just like you. Learn to put your best foot forward no matter what. My listeners know who I am. They don’t know you, so it’s imperative that no matter whom you interview with – you always shine your best. Don’t contradict yourself a million times, don’t nod off, don’t forget to mention producers and the people that are on your team, and promote yourself always. I just couldn’t allow you to make a mockery of the hard work I put into my show and my property. I gave you free promotion and you shitted on it with excuses of why you didn’t come correct. That’s just real. Half ass efforts get half ass results.

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