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RVA Natural Hair is Growing Stronger by the Minute

Return of the Curl Model Call 2012 Return of the Curl Model Call 2012

I can’t help but mention how much I adore my natural hair. It’s the stress free maintenance, the low cost styling, and creative edge is gives me that makes me love it so much. Apparently, I am not alone in my journey for relaxed-free and unaltered beauty; because Richmond Virginia’s natural hair scene is in full effect this season. From TWA’s (also know as teeny-weeny afros) to full on textured bushes, beautiful women from all over the city are showing off and showing out when it comes to their God-given textures.

A few weeks ago, I attended the Return of The Curl Model Call (coordinated by Keenya Kelly Griffin) for the upcoming Natural Hair Expo and Fashion Show in July under the same name. This model call, held at Charming Charlie’s at Regency Mall housed some of the prettiest, eclectic group of men, women, and children that I’ve ever seen. Colorful fashions and beautiful hairstyles filled the already decorated store, as hopeful models auditions for their chance to walk the runway among RVA’s fashion elite. It was impressive to witness a group of people, adorning whatever style they were rightfully born with, strutting fiercely in anticipation of a hopeful and positive response from the judges. Included in the judging and assisting with the event, was none other than the lovely model herself, Soliel Paden (Follow her at @solielchantione) Normally, I see models weaved up and out, covering flaws and imperfections. However, today, it took much more than fashion and style sense to be noticed. Today required confidence and a head full of un-chemically treated hair.

Return of the Curl Model Call 2012

Return of the Curl Model Call 2012

This whole event made me think about my off and on love affair with my own natural hair. Most often covering it with weaves and wigs, I would shy away from exposing it to the world too often. Once I became “GaptoothDiva”, initially I always felt like it was expected of me to have a head full of expensive tracks versus the bush of curls I was born with. It wasn’t until last year that I decided to go all the way, not only exposing my natural hair, but shaving it all off. I wanted people who hated it, to watch from the beginning. I wanted to display a journey of first being bald to growing out what was truly me.

I must admit, it has been an easy and enlightening experience. Only falling into temptation once in January, I haven’t touched a weave or wig since. I laugh now, because I almost despise them. Blame it on the heat, my hormones, or fact that I truly love my textured hair, but I have no desire to relapse to that lifestyle again. Having natural hair has made me more creative with my own style. Having to come up with various ways to style my hair, whether with makeup, earrings, bows/barrettes, or even scarves, I’m no longer relying on a weave to make me beautiful.

Looking at the crowd of men, women, and children, I felt a sense of unique belonging. Although everyone has a distinctive style, the fact that we’ve all decided that the textures we are born with are far more superior to any store bought sense of beauty is exceptional. I know that the show is going to be spectacular and the people are going to love it. I just pray that more and more natural hair events come to Richmond, and that more of us can learn and be inspired by each other through it all.

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Return of The Curls, Saturday July 28th, 2012

10am -7pm at the Richmond Convention Center 23219

* For more information about the Return of the Curl Natural Hair Expo and Fashion Show, check out 

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3 Comments on RVA Natural Hair is Growing Stronger by the Minute

  1. Thank you for linking our article to yours. Lovely piece you did. Do you have a gapped tooth? I do too ( Kerry B from Bold and Out Loud), you know what that means…? We should be friends!!!! :)


    • Thank you so much for checking it out. I checked out your site as well and really enjoyed it. I’m now a fan on facebook. Yes, I would love to befriend a fellow gaptooth beauty. We unique ones have to stick together. Follow me on twitter and lets connect. Thanks again! xoxo


  2. Lmao, this was the best video ive seen all year. I just love how you talk and express yoesurlf, awesome job. I am almost 21 and ive got to say, i have Alot of chest hair, its like a zoo or a tropical rainforest down there. I even find food in my chest hair, sometimes enough leftover crumbs to make a full dinner ! Keep up the Awesome videos my friend, and may the chest hair be with ya ^_^


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