GaptoothDiva Interviews Rae Williams, Plus Size Model

Inspiration: Rae Williams Pushes Past Adversity to One Day Be Top Model

GaptoothDiva Interviews Rae Williams, Plus Size Model

I worked with Rae last year, at an Unforgettable Woman Fashion show and she immediately blew me away. Her personality was so positive and she smiled the entire time. While some of us were frantically rushing to change in and out of our outfits, just to run on stage for two minutes. This girl was as calm as a cucumber. Her bright eyes and warm spirit, made me want to share her story. I thought she was too beautiful a person to keep her away from my audience. You need to be inspired by her.


Her given name is Rachel Williams, but she often goes by Rae Williams. She is a young aspiring Full Figured Model from the Maryland area. Along with being a model, she is also a full-time junior at Towson University studying to receive her degree in Creative Writing and Public Relations.  Rae realized her passion for modeling as a teen;, and has been committed to making her dreams a reality since high school.  However, she has faced many challenges, such as her height. Many photographers and events in her area are not appreciating the fuller figured model demographic. Despite these challenges, Rae slowly but surely rises and continues to gain experience and work.


GaptoothDiva Interviews Rae Williams, Plus Size Model

To her advantage, she has the support of her entire family and the majority of her friends who are always in the background cheering her on. The majority of Rae’s work comes from the New York area, where she soon hopes to reside.  Rae has had the honor to be featured in Skorch Magazine, Fashion News Avenue Magazine and Bella Noir Magazine, and in Plus Boutique Eddy&Bri’s catalog website. Along with many other accomplishments, she has an extremely bubbly personality, and loves to laugh and have fun. Rachel enjoys trying new things and pushing the boundaries of her success.


GaptoothDiva Interviews Rae Williams, Plus Size Model

Rachel has faced discrimination, being the victim of fraud and being underestimated by photographers and casting directors. Rae pushes past adversity and the hardships of being a young adult pursuing her dreams because she not only wants to make a name for herself. She also wants others to see that it can be done. She firmly believes that anything is possible if you work hard enough and do your absolute best. The obstacles that are faced are just tests to see how hard you are willing to work, and if you can continue to push pass the tears.  Rachel continues to work hard no matter what obstacles she faces because she believes in herself and she has the support from her family that propels her to continue trying.

 GaptoothDiva Interviews Rae Williams, Plus Size Model


I believe that Rae is an amazing example of perseverance. In an industry that can be discriminating and often snide, she continues to work toward something she wants. If she can do it, then we know that many more can as well.


Contact Rae Williams to network or connect:


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Twitter: @Juicey_Rae


I'esha GaptoothDiva Runway Walk in Zulane

How to Attend a Plus Size Model Call and Audition in 7 Steps

I'esha GaptoothDiva Runway Walk in Zulane

Nowadays, the fashion industry is giving more and more respect and acknowledgement to the wonderful work that the plus size/full figure community has done. This means great things for so many women, who once thought they could never be models. Although our size is accepted and more opportunities have opened up, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t educate yourself on how to stay a step above, in your quest to be a plus size model.


Most recently more labels, fashion houses, and even retail boutiques have requested full figured beautiful women to attend open houses, model calls, and auditions for their runways shows and fashion campaigns. This means a greater chance for plus-size/full figured women to represent more on the runway, on the catwalks, and in print.


There are a couple of things however that you need to know, especially when starting out. If you are interested in getting involved in plus-size fashion and you want to start in the local scene, below is a list of all the things to consider before auditioning. It may seem like an easy accomplishment, considering you have the attitude and you can walk in heels. However, strutting down the hallway in your stiletto heels and pretending to be as “diva-fied” as Beyonce, Tyra, or any fabulous woman on television is not enough to boost your career or your true potential.


  1. Self Esteem is Key – Before you go on the audition check your self-esteem at the door. You may already think you qualify if you are considering entering into an audition, but self-esteem is displayed in many ways. Do you freeze up in front of large crowds? Do you second-guess yourself? Are you affected by comments, whispers, and snickers? These factors all measure the potential a model may have. Remember you may have to walk in front of a large crowd, most of whom will not be quiet, can you take the pressure of people commenting, yelling, screaming, or laughing when the time came. There will be other women in the show, some of these women can be very snide and competitive, would you be able to maintain professionalism and still work the runway. Before you decide to jump into this industry, talk to someone who knows and can share with you the pros and cons of getting involved. It takes a strong woman to display her self in front of others, with no fear or hesitation. Make sure you are that kind of woman, no questions asked.


  1. Hygiene – This should be understood, but you won’t believe how many women come to an audition without first properly taking care of themselves. Of course you want to shower and be clean, while making sure you don’t stink. However, what about shaving those armpits and legs? How about making sure your nails are polished and trimmed in a decent shade. Makeup is based on individual factors. Most of the time fashion designers would like to see you with a little makeup as possible, to get a sense of your true beauty. However, currently, some women are far more self-conscious without it. If you need to cover up some facial discoloration, make sure it looks as natural as possible. Please don’t cake it on and make yourself look like a drag queen. Stick to colors and shades that compliment your skin tone, and never, ever use black eyeliner around your lips for any reason at all.  Since we are in the age of weaves, wigs, and natural hair, always be sure that your hairstyle is something simple, as to not distract from the Designer’s work. Loud and trendy hairstyles are cute to some; however, the wrong color and style may clash with the fashions you are wearing. Remember, although you are the model, it’s about the clothes… not you.


  1. Dress with Some Sense – For some reason, many women think model call/audition and they think to come in their club clothes. There are lines of women dressed in body conscious dresses too tight to breath, shoes made for looking that they can’t walk in, and attire that would make you think they wanted to be in some rapper’s video. On the other hand, some women show up as if they did not intend on being selected at all. It’s as if someone woke them up that morning and forced them to audition by gunpoint. There has to be a balance. No one said modeling equated to being slut-like and sexually appealing, remember there are mostly women in here… who are you trying to seduce? However, you do want to display your beauty and sense of style. Keep it simple. Leggings are always a good choice as it shows your true shape and curves with a nice top and some decent heels of a workable height. Make sure you check their guidelines, first. Jeans and a shirt are also appropriate choices. If you want to display your legs, you can wear a dress, but check the appropriate length and be sure to touch up those legs. This tip is all depending on the rules of the model call and audition. If you don’t know, it’s always best to air on the side of caution and keep it casual, stylish, and simple.


  1. Bring Everything Required – Check the posting, make a call, email, or ask around. Any real model call and audition will have some information posted about what you should bring with you when you arrive to audition. Whether it’s a photo, your measurements, a resume/portfolio, make sure that you have everything you need when you get there. I always say it’s better to have too much information with you then not enough. If they don’t need then at least you have it. However, it would really suck if you didn’t have what you need, and plenty of girls who arrived that did. You don’t want to miss your opportunity, because of one little oversight.


  1. Your Attitude – Remember I mentioned it takes a strong women to be a plus size model, well I was not kidding. Although Full Figured women have come a long way, there a still a few who are adamant about holding the community back, with their negativity and cattiness. As a plus size model, you may experience some women who will try to compete with you, for no other reason but their own insecurities. Although you all may have passed the audition stage, there will still be women who feel like they need to compete with you, especially if you so a lot of potential and great promise. Just maintain a positive and non-confrontational attitude. Don’t be easily affected by their actions and try to keep the morale of the show and it’s participants as high as possible. You will be asked to do more shows in the future, if you are less drama and more hard work, regardless of your skill level.


  1. Communication – Most models starting out have other obligations that they must tend to, although they are trying to accomplish their dream of modeling. Some women have families and children, full time jobs, school, and other community obligations. The important thing to do is to communicate with your event organizers and fellow models, always, especially when you won’t be able to make it to practice and rehearsal. The Designers and the Coordinators have scheduled and arranged each scene specifically based on how many women they have and which ones they had to walk or shoot. If you decide not show up on any given day, then you could jeopardize the show and your ability to be in it. Let the coordinator know if you won’t attend a practice, or if you will be substantially late. The worst thing to do is to hold everyone up the day of the show, because you have no idea what to do and/or what is going on.


  1. Pay Attention – No matter your skill level or experience, I can almost guarantee that any model can admit that she learned something about the industry or about herself each rehearsal and every show. It’s inevitable. This is an ever-changing machine, which comes with various factors, while you work with diverse personalities. You may gain some skills at one show, and realize a weakness in another. That is the evolution of becoming great. However, if you take it as a joke each time you’re involved than you will never graduate from being just a local model, to someone worth talking about. No matter how much you know, allow yourself to be taught something new. There is nothing wrong with learning more than one way of doing something. Coordinators want to know that you are educated in the basics, but often times they may put a spin on something. Come with an open mind, and be prepared to learn. I hope that when you become well versed enough, you can pass what you learn down to someone else and inspire him or her to become a plus-size/full figured model as well.


Now congrats on your choice to join the brave, bold, and voluptuous on their quest to being modeling superstars. Always remember you are representing a brand, a designer, and a label. Put your best foot forward at all times and always show confidence. Good luck!


Watch The Divas In Designs 2011 Fashion Show in RVA

Theresa Flatts of facilitated a fashion show for the plus size and full figured community for 2011 Winter season in celebration of the holidays. This event included performances by the Full Figured Dance group, Ms. Proper of So Proper Entertainment, and even audience members. Naneen Cottrell Johnson, model coordinator and trainer assisted in making this event a success. Dance routine choreographed by I’esha GaptoothDiva of www., Cecily Hickman of SassC Creations provided the beautiful makeup for most of the girls including I’esha GaptoothDiva. Jamal Mayes on photography.

See the Public Pictures on Facebook by clicking the following link:


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Colleen Stovall Featured on

GaptoothDiva Motivation – Full Figure Model Colleen Stovall from Philadelphia, PA

As we, all know I’m a size accepting, thick chick loving, and motivational women empowering type of chick, if that makes any sense. LoL!

I really feel more full figured women should step away from life’s proverbial wall and into the forefront, where they belong. We are the majority, yet we hide in shame as if we’re alone. I can’t get into enough, that’s why I coined myself as the “Plus-Size Showstopper”, because you will never again catch me acting shy, especially due to my size.

However, I’m not alone! In my work as GaptoothDiva and with some of the Full – Figured Modeling I’ve been involved in, I’ve met some fabulous women who share my same feelings about size acceptance and great self-esteem. I want you to be inspired and motivated by some beautiful young ladies who display their beauty as either a full time hustle or a part-time dream starter. Either way, these women are phenomenal. You can feel more confident, that you are not in this alone if you represent fashion, plus or full figure women, or modeling as a whole.

Today’s Motivation Comes from….

Colleen Stovall   

(Beauty & Sense…. And Cents)

Colleen Stovall Featured on

Colleen Stovall was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She grew up in Philadelphia and proud to call the city home. She studied Business Administration at Drexel University concentrating in Finance. Full time, Colleen has a career in banking. She is responsible for assisting customers, managing accounts, and various reports.

Colleen Stovall Featured on GaptoothDiva.comColleen has longed to plunge into the fashion industry for many years. Inspired by the undeniable talent of other models within the plus size community; she is determined to take a place among the best in the full figured sector of the fashion industry. Colleen draws inspiration from celebrities such as Jill Scott, Oprah, Jeannie Ferguson, Mia Tyler, Mia Amber, Fluvia Lacerda, Denise Bidot, and Queen Latifah. Colleen enjoys modeling, makeup and photography as it serves as a fun and exciting way to express herself.

Colleen is experienced in print and runway. She has participated in shows such as “Tropical Divas Summer Madness Plus Size Fashion Show” and “The Philadelphia Collection”.

To contact Colleen for future bookings email or visit her at or

Colleen Stovall Featured on

A Big Shout Out & Fab Hug to Colleen for her ability to go after her dream full speed.

Check her out in the Tropical Diva Fashion Show 2010  (Click here)

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GaptoothDiva Model

GaptoothDiva Real Talk – Pursuing Your Modeling Dreams at Any Age… Where Do You Start?

*Actual email received by a reader of

“Name: NYC Plus Size Sensation



Hi, I just ran across this website, the thing is that I always wanted to be a plus size model, but now I’m 32, I live in NYC, and really want to do print modeling, like for a magazine or billboards, I’m from the fashion capital of the world, yet I do not know where to start, any suggestions? Thanks so much”

First off, congratulations on pinpointing what passion; then starting the process of going after your dream. The fact that you’re now 32 years old, should never be a reason or excuse. Now that you have determined what you want, it’s time to learn and work. The industry is very hard to break into, but once you start to get a few influential folks to pay attention, your work ethic and your professionalism will take you up from there.

One of the first things I would suggest, especially since you live in New York City, is research auditions and casting calls in your area. In most cities, this information isn’t just posted anywhere, so you will really need to do your homework. Check out your local Craigslist Advertisements (under talent, event, media, TV, etc.), there are many promotional companies, magazines, and clothing designers looking for plus size beauties to fill there pages and websites.

I would also set up an account with, which is a premiere website connecting models with photographers, designers, stylist, make-up artist, and fashion show producers and publications. It’s an amazing way to promote you as a plus size model. Get some great photos taken (preferably by a professional or a person with professional equipment) and compete your profile. I would suggest that you really pick your pictures carefully, because they have a tendency to not accept your profile if they don’t like photos. They have to ensure that people are serious about their careers and not just setting up accounts all willy-nilly.

Now it’s time to start connecting with people in the industry that you want to work. Attend local events that you’ll look up via, Facebook, eventbrite, and through Twitter accounts of the people you follow. Use social media to find out what’s going on around you and make friends/follow the people that will help you get to where you want to be. Don’t let your ego stop you from getting a great opportunity. When you connect with someone, send them a message telling them who you are and what you’re trying to do. Attend modeling and fashion networking events, shows, and openings. I attended a fashion last year, just to support someone. A designer came from back stage to ask me if I would be interested in walking in the show based on how I looked in the audience. Opportunities are everywhere; you just always have to be ready.

Speaking of ready, take care of yourself and your looks. Women seem to think because they are a Plus Size Model they can eat and do what they want. Well, that is such a misconception. You still have to eat right, and exercise to prolong your career and maintain your natural beauty. Grab a friend and start working out and walking. Make sure you keep your face clean when you’re not out, and drink plenty of water. The industry wants the most bang for their buck, so if you are taking care of your physical appearance at all times, then they won’t have to spend so much on Photoshop and digital re-touching.

It’s not guaranteed that you’ll be the next Tocarra or Mia Amber, but you will book some very cool shows & print work if you put in the work. Surround yourself around people that can take your dream to new heights. Meet new connections and keep in contact. With phenomenal social media capabilities we have today, anyone can start pursuing their dreams in no time at all. Connecting with people in the industry, maintaining yourself and your attitude and going hard at each show no matter the size, you could very well be the next full figured sensation. I hope that when you do make it big… you won’t forget the diva. Lmao!

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