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GaptoothDiva Radio – Featured Artist of The Week, Davie Rodriguez Tonight 4/21 at 9pm Est.

Davie Rodriguez (born October 10, 1987) is a Cuban-American recording artist. Born David L. Rodriguez to parents Monica & David, he is the oldest of 3 children. Since his childhood, he has aspired to sing. Although hesitant to take on the music scene, he went forward with the encouragement of family and friends. He was raised speaking Spanish & English that has influenced his work a great deal. It was the leak of his single ‘Contagious’ with producer Red Hook Noodles, which began the launch of interest in him. 

In 2009, he began the launch of a Spanish Tutoring business that connected him to many successful business owners and helped him gain much exposure. He also taught Hispanic immigrants through the Sacred Heart Center’s outreach program. He is known for his bilingual music and interpreting all styles and genres.





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GaptoothDiva Radio – Interview w/ Creators of Urban Adult Cartoon – Bullyvard, Carlton “Piper” Marshall & David “Devine” Plummer Ft. Special Guest Official Freeze of Charged Up Entertainment Tonight 1/27 at 9pm

As demonstrated by the success of Adult Swim; the adult-oriented cable television network that shares channel space with Cartoon Network, cartoons are not just for kids.. And childhood friends Carlton “Piper” Marshall and David “Divine” Plummer have created ”

Bullyvard” an animated adult urban series to join in the fun. Utilizing their love of urban culture and hip hop music, these two childhood friends have gone beyond being rappers or producers to solidify a unique place in the hip hop culture. They have gone miles beyond and entered a world not populated by young African American‘s…animation and cartoons.

Marshall and Plummer born in Brooklyn, but grew up in Queens, NY, are the creative partners producing the adult animated series “Bullyvard” based on their lives and the neighborhood characters and happenings of their Linden Boulevard neighborhood. The idea for Bullyvard came to Marshall while working in a barbershop where in addition to cutting and styling hair, laughter and telling jokes was the order of the day. Every customer had a story and each one was as absurd as the one before it. Marshall decided to create characters and story lines but in an animated format that would allow him to also infuse his own dialogue and music that he and Divine produced.

Bullyvard is the home of eighteen characters that run amok displaying the everyday but exaggerated life in the neighborhood. Vividly and colorfully drawn as adolescents to remind you of being one yourself the characters each have distinct personalities and several cultural and ethnic identities including West Indian, Latino, Asian, East Indian and other dialects that represent the melting pot and realness of an urban neighborhood. Bringing the sound and audio flavor to the series is sound designer/engineer Kevin Perrin and actors Ashonda Ace Warner, Ricardo Mccook, Cheron Hogan, Andrew Danish, Mike Haynes and Oren Whitfield.

Bullyvard is not your typical Saturday morning cartoon. Taking its cue from urban and hip hop cultures, it is developed by adults and solely for adults with the added twist of creating youthful looking characters designed to remind you of your own childhood memories. A combination of hot original tracks and funny skits about everyday life, Bullyvard is not intended to be a political commentary or to shock or offend anyone but to help us remember the antics and fun we had as children now that we are adults.


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Featuring Charged Up Entertainment’s Own Official Freeze with His New Digital Release 

  Back at it again with some proverbial heat for the VA streets, Official Freeze brings out all the stops with the new album, A Cold Winter: The Reintroduction. Hosted by DJ T Dubb and music by Fire Marshall Skrill, Charged Up Entertainment shows us why all the other rappers need to stay in this season. 


MLK Signature Black & White Affair to benefit High IQ3 Foundation – So much fun, you just had to be there.

President Lyndon B. Johnson and Rev. Dr. Marti...

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GaptoothDiva Radio had the opportunity to broadcast LIVE from the Martin Luther King Signature Black & White Affair at Posh nightclub (1713 E. Main Street) this past weekend. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to hear it due to a very large speaker distorting our transmission half way through our broadcast, but we had a great time none the less. Many people came in looking great and ready to party for a purpose. I did have a chance to talk with NatashaB1980.com owner, Brandy Bacote before all of the spectacular confusion, who mentioned that most of her clientele were in the building, of course rocking her signature pieces. The event’s proceeds were collected to benefit High IQ3 Foundation, a youth mentoring program in Richmond, Virginia.

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brother to brother book cover

GaptoothDiva Radio – How Mentoring and Motivation Moves Young Black Men From Prison to Purposeful Lives. Interview w/ The Authors of Brother to Brother: Motivation for Young African-American Men Tonight 1/11 @ 9pm

Whether or not you believe that there are more black men in prison than in college, depends on who is doing the counting. The truth is, regardless of the amount of men in jail vs. an institution of higher learning, the country could definitely use more mentors who are willing to dedicate their time to change. Often times we are so preoccupied by our busy schedules and our own ambitions that we fail to realize how many young people out there who are lost, socially, mentally and emotionally. How do we take steps to promote positive ambitions and assist in guiding our future generations to purposeful living. GaptoothDiva speaks to the Authors of Brother to Brother: Motivation for Young African- American Men, to learn how they plan to create change and make a difference in their community and beyond.

Brother to Brother: Motivation for Young African- American Men, in conjunction with Xlibris Publishing, is pleased to announce the release of their new and highly-anticipated book. Authored by Lloyd Young, Jr. and his three sons, Lloyd A. Young, Keon Young and Sean Young, Brother to Brother: Motivation for Young African-American Men is the family’s first major release that is already garnering top-tier support. The unique partnership is quickly setting a new standard for inspirational and motivational products geared toward ethnic communities that have been traditionally underrepresented.

About the Authors:
Lloyd Young, Jr. has extensive experience in developing, coordinating, and managing behavioral health and criminal justice intervention strategies. He coordinated an offender drug treatment summit for L. Douglas Wilder (1992) and a crime forum for George Allen (1996), both former governors of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 2003, Mr. Young coordinated a regional DUI summit on behalf of State Senators Ken Stolle (Virginia Beach) and Nick Rerras (Norfolk). Lloyd Young developed and implemented a funding strategy for the Indian Creek Correctional Center substance abuse treatment program. This one-thousand-bed correctional facility, solely dedicated for offender substance abuse treatment, is the largest of its kind in the United States of America. Mr. Young administered a regional Alcohol Safety Action Program (A.S.A.P.), which provides probation and substance abuse intervention services for individuals arrested and/or convicted of alcohol and drug-related offenses. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts. Mr. Young acquired a master’s of science degree in Management from Lesley College.

Currently serving as president of Young Minds Youth and Family Development, Lloyd A. Young has been instrumental in helping his organization build national relationships. Through a partnership with CNN, Young Minds was able to bring the advance screening of Black in America 2 to Virginia. He holds a B.S. degree in Engineering Technology from Virginia State University. He is director of Young Academy, a STEM enrichment program. He is also a man of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

Keon Young is among the next generation of entertainment industry moguls. Known for his keen marketing and branding skills, he is widely recognized as an authority in the field of music publishing–working with clients that are noted as tastemakers and global influencers. Keon is a graduate of Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sean T. Young has been called to bring motivation to African-American men and boys to live up to their God-given potential. As a graduate of Morehouse College, he is currently earning dual master’s degrees in Social Work and Divinity from Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Union University, respectively. He serves as a youth minister for Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church of New Kent, Virginia. He is also the Co-Founder of Young Minds Youth and Family Development Inc., where he serves as director of Brother 2 Brother, a program designed to mentor young men of color and give them the needed tools to transition into manhood.






To learn more about Brother to Brother: Motivation for Young African-American Men and for product information, visit www.brothertobrothermotivation.com. The Young family is available for speaking engagements and media interviews. Hear interviews about the book through these links http://tinyurl.com/26hvdog and http://tobtr.com/s/1287351.

Sean Young and Lloyd Young
Young Minds Youth and Family Development, Inc.
P.O. Box 611
Mechanicsville, VA 23111



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GaptoothDiva Radio Featured Hot Stars of 2010 List – Thanks to All of You Who Inspired Everyone. Happy New Year!

When we first opened up the airwaves for GaptoothDiva Radio, it began as a show dedicated to promoting individuality and motivation. However, after we have steadily evolved, we would like to thank all of those featured artist and guest that made the movement more profound and more creative than when it began. Please check out our wonderful super stars of 2010 and follow them in 2011, to see what new and more motivational projects they’ll have for the new year.

Wilma Fleming aka Black Pearl – Poet and Advocate Facebook: 1BlackPreal Email: blkpearl_2010@yahoo.com


Vileeta Fleming aka Ms. V – Singer/Songwriter and Model Facebook: Vileeta Fleming Email: vileetaf@yahoo.com


5yve Footaz (ChargedUp Ent.) – Richmond Rap Group Twitter: @5yvefootaz, www.chargedupent.com, Facebook: Da 5yve Foota Movement


Lez – Author & Self Publisher “A Lesson Learned” Email: Lezcover2cover@aol.com or http://www.lezcover2cover.webs.com


Frederick Eberhardt aka Breeze(Ilifethis) – Poet Facebook: brzbch 1 or breezeilifethis Email: trnd2go@yahoo.com


Official Freeze (ChargedUp Ent.) – Richmond Rapper Twitter: @Official_Freeze , Facebook: Josh “Freeze” Reed, Email: Freezeaintdead@aol.com


Vincent Ellis White – Author & Mentor “Fully Seasoned Man’s Relationship Recipe” Email: vew_nsugrad@hotmail.com , Facebook: Vinny.blanco or http://www.lifelovereligion.com


Tony Kinte Brown – Comedian Facebook: Kunta Kinte (the slave that got away) or Email: Kinte.brown@yahoo.com


Infamous (Just Watch Ent.) – Producer, Musician, Lyricist Facebook: Brandon Michael Smith or Email: infamousbeats08@yahoo.com


De’Angela Anthony (Blakk Box Inc.) – CEO of Revelationz@Sunset Facebook: blakkboxinc , Twitter: @Blakkboxinc, Email: Mzdee81@hotmail.com


Ryshonna Addison Stith – Certified Life Coach Facebook: Ryshonna Addison Stith, Email: stith3@aol.com, or essentialinspirations3@gmail.com


FREAKe – Rapper Facebook: Derrick Freake Williams


J’Lee Maldonado – Songstress & Poet Facebook: J’lee Maldonado , Twitter: @JLeeSings


Fam Thick – Richmond Rap Group Facebook: Fam Thick – The Fan Page , Twitter: @FamThick, myspace.com/famthick


Shardee’s Hair Salon & Day Spa – Williamsburg Rd. Beauty Salon Facebook: Shardee’s Day Spa , www.perfectrosedesigns.com/z_shardees/welcome.htm


Marcus Campbell – Author & Self-Publisher “Club S.E.X” Facebook: Marcus Campbell , Email: macmactony@gmail.com


Stone aka Gladstone Petrie Jr. – Writer/Poet Facebook: Gladstone Petrie Jr., Email: mrmischief2000@yahoo.com


D.O.E The Paperboy – Lyricist Facebook: DOEthepaperboy Thurman , Email: Vaskpaperboy@gmail.com


Imani Misfit – Baltimore Rapper/Porn Star Facebook: Imisfit1, Twitter: ImaniTMisfit, Myspace.com/Misfitradioone


Suzanne A. Roberts – Author “The Undercover 10” Facebook: Suzanne A. Roberts , Email: Sroberts703@aol.com


Cherrelle L. Hurt, CDA – Childcare Provider/Community Activist & Politician Facebook: Cherrell Hurt , Email: Chrrllhur@yahoo.com


Amber Morgan – Community Advocate (Virginia Cooperative Extension) 701 North 25th Street Richmond, Virginia 23223, (804) 786-4150


Luke “Its Louie” Turner – Petersburg Lyricist Facebook: Lukeitslouieturner , Email: lturner23@tmo.blackberry.net


Dangerous Lee – Activist & Author “Keep Your Panties Up & Your Skirt Down” Facebook: Dangerous Lee , Email: askdangerouslee@hotmail.com


Danny Kofke – Author “How to Survive (or perhaps thrive) on a Teacher’s Salary” Facebook: Danny Kofke , Email: kofketd@windstream.net , http://www.dannykofke.blogspot.com


Kimberly Johnson & Ann Werner – Authors “The Virgin Diaries” Facebook: Kimberly A. Johnson , Twitter: @arkstories , http://www.arkstories.com


Darshan G. Shanti – Motivational Speaker & Author “The 24 Hour Champion” Facebook: the24hourchampion , http://www.the24hourchampion.com


Yung OG’s – Richmond Rap Duo Facebook: Yung Ogs , Email: yungogs@hotmail.com


Bridget Selby – Teacher, Best Friend & Entrepreneur (Geshur Inc.) Facebook: Bridget Selby , Email: geshurintl@aol.com


Mark Anthony – Psychic Lawyer phone: 321-724-0707 or website: www.healgriefwithbelief.com


Ann Leister – Owner/Director of Splash Model Management www.splashmodel.net or www.vafashionweek.net


Kelly Collins – Psychic Medium and Author “The Rise of The Shadows” Facebook: theawakeningpsychics , Twitter: @awakeningradio , http://www.kellyhuntcollins.com


Ladonna Smith – Author “I Married Satan” Facebook: ladonnamsmith or website http://www.ladonnasmith.com , Email: philatonian@yahoo.com


JuniperGreen – Virginia Musician Duo Facebook: juniper.green 1 , or Email: JuniperGreen1@aim.com


Janid Ortiz – Electronica Artist/Singer “ALIAS” (Zonisphere Records) Facebook: Janid , website: www.Janidworld.com , Twitter: @Janid, website: www.Zonisphere.com


Kaydean Phillips – Zonisphere Records www.zonisphere.com , Twitter: @Kaydean


Elinor Stutz – International Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur “Nice Girls Do Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results” website: http://www.smoothsale.net , Twitter: @smooth sale


Mr. Funny Green – Richmond Rapper Facebook: Green Corlous, Email: germiiah202@aol.com


Irnise Fennell RN – Health Professional & Health Advocate


Brandy Bacote – Entrepreneur (NatashaB1980) Facebook: Natashab1980 or Brandy Bacote , Twitter: @Natashab1980 , www.Natashab1980.com , Email: info@natashab1980.com

Listen to past shows at www.blogtalkradio.com/gaptoothdivaradio

A very special thanks to all of those that listened and supported GaptoothDiva.com and GaptoothDiva Radio in 2010, and we look forward to providing you more creative motivation in 2011. If you have been featured on the show, but your name does not appear above, please charge it to my head and not my heart. Send me an email and I will send out a special shout out to you before the 2011 ball drops at midnight. Thanks to all of the ambitious and like-minded individuals who we had the chance to network with this year, get excited because in 2011, we are going in even harder. Hope everyone has a great holiday and please be safe and responsible.

I’esha GaptoothDiva


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